Facebook Caught Censoring Protests Against Obama Events

This video was hastily assembled to document that Facebook is actively interfering with the efforts to organize National Protests Against Barack Obama in all 50 state capitols on Sat Feb 16 11am to 1pm. This video documents 3 different ways Facebook is actively interfering with event planning efforts on behalf of the Obama administration. You can view the Facebook event page at this link… www.facebook.com While authorizing or “pending reviews” of new ads or ad changes on Facebook usually take a few minutes or hours, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC’s ads for the Obama protests have been “pending review” unnecessarily for days! Facebook is clearly blocking ALIPAC from running ads to increase attendance for the event. Also, Facebook is preventing Obama protest leaders from banning and stopping pro Obama activists who are attacking the event page with vulgarity, spam posts, misinformation, and violent threats. Also, Facebook is blocking anyone not already invited to the event from finding the main National Protest Against Obama event page if they search for it. Only those already invited can search and find it. Several new, and unauthorized, clone events with hardly any attendees have sprung up and these fake event pages can be found in Facebook search results while the official page cannot be seen. More about illegal immigration and ALIPAC at… www.alipac.us Sign up for email alerts about National Protests Against Obama at http

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